Eminem and WatchLoud made history at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night (July 12) when they presented the first ever live Pay-Per-View rap battle Total Slaughter. Thanks to much publicity and the show Road To Total Slaughter, the event was able to draw a large crowd including hip-hop legend DJ Kool Herc, Busta Rhymes and former XXL Freshman Mickey Factz. Despite the glitches and technical issues with the microphones, Total Slaughter was fantastic.

The night kicked off with a battle between Road To Total Slaughter contestants Arsonal and Big T. New Jersey’s Arsonal dominated all three rounds by showing no mercy to take home an easy victory. He tossed disrespectful jabs out to Big T as well as other battle rappers set to hit the stage.

The next up was Daylyt and T-Rex. What was expected to be a descent battle, quickly turned into something else when Day up to his outrageous antics and came out dressed as Spawn.

Prior to the battle he expressed that “nobody knows what I’m gonna do,” which stood to be true as the rapper failed to spit one line in the third round. If that wasn’t enough he said he ran out of his meds for schizophrenia and began to strip, lick the stage and fell to the ground.

T-Rex won by a landslide, which seemed to be exactly what Day wanted. Daylyt tweeted that "taking a sh*t on stage" was his way of saying goodbye to battle rap and hello to the music industry. It is still unclear if he is an official member of Shady Records. When asked if he’d signed Day said, “its not true it was just something I just said, you know what I mean. But yes it is true I got Shady Records in the works.”

What followed was the long-awaited re-match between Loaded Lux and Murda Mook. Both rappers helped elevate battle rap over the last 10 years when their battle was immortalized with the Smack DVD.

Lux came out guns blazing in the first round, but it did little to put out the fire Mook offered. Mook quickly took the upper hand tossing out personal punch lines and rebuttals, even breaking down Lux’s rhymes calling it nothing more than “righteous bullsh*t.” Even with Lux’s crew behind him on stage he couldn’t win back the crowd once they were on Mook’s side.

Finally the main event, the battle between Slaughterhouse’s own Joe Budden and battle rapper Hollow Da Don. Hollow quickly jumped into attack mode yelling that Paul Rosenburg and Jimmy Iovine could suck a dick for cutting his money in half.

In response Joe came out swinging, offering rebuttals for each of the jabs Hollow threw in the first round. Spitting lines like “Here I go again making another b***h famous,” and “You asked where’s my last hit, n***a, where’s your first one?"

Joe continued to catch the crowd by surprise in the second round only to fall flat in the third. Hollow let it all out in that round attacking Joe’s former girlfriends’ Tahiry and Kaylin as well as his mom.  Joe’s choice to put down the mic after he could no longer take the booing crowd helped the judges make the unanimous decision of naming Hollow the victor. -Chris Garner

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