So today is Columbus Day, and for many it's a “holiday” of contention. The general population may accept a day off, but for those who are well versed in the history of Columbus discovering America, they may have a different opinion of the day.

As for hip-hop, well, there are plenty of artists who would rather get a root canal than ever celebrate Columbus Day. Here are 11 lines from ten artists speaking out against Columbus Day. Where do you stand in the argument? --KI

“Hope and pray they take Columbus Day up off the calendar” Lupe Fiasco, “Around My Way”
Well, if Lupe Fiasco worked in an office, chances are he'd show up to the office on Columbus Day with the lights out and cubicles empty ready to work regardless. Why you ask? Because it's not a holiday to him.

“My arrival is genocidal, like Christopher Columbus” Immortal Technique Featuring Jean Grae And Pumpkinhead, “The Illest”
If there's anyone in the rap game who will tell it to you like it is about the history of Christopher Columbus, it's Immortal Technique. While everyone enjoys a day off on Columbus Day, Tech will remind you how many lives were lost during Columbus' expedition.

“I'd like to take a moment to say, 'Fuck Columbus!'” The Coup, “Dig It!”
The Coup have never held any punches about their thoughts on American history (or anything else for that matter). While “Dig It!” runs the course of name checking everyone from Bush to Mao Tse Tung, there's still some room for Columbus too.

“Fuck Kris Kringle and Christopher Columbus” AZ, “Street Life”
Not sure how Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus got roped into the whole Anti-Columbus campaign, but clearly AZ likens them to one another for whatever reason on “Street Life.” Well, one came bearing gifts; the other came stealing them.

“Christopher Columbus didn't discover America” Wyclef Jean, “If I Was President”
And there you have it, kids, straight from the mouth of never Haitian President Wyclef Jean. Seriously though, so many people will credit Columbus as discovering America, but many also don't. Wyclef is part of the latter half.

“A lot of shit you can't understand, like where you come from in the motherland? Why Columbus stole my mother's land?” Angel Haze, “No Church In the Wild Freestyle”
Having a mother who is Native American Indian, Angel Haze probably has her own set of issues with Christopher Columbus, given his history with the original citizens of America. Needless to say, Angel Haze probably doesn't celebrate Columbus Day.

“Got taught by a teacher defending Columbus” Public Enemy, “See Something, Say Something”
On “See Something, Say Something,” Chuck D is using the idea about being taught by a teacher who defends Christopher Columbus as clearly a clueless individual. Clearly the education system needs some guidance from Chuck D.

“Columbus had them locked up as prisoners in an hour flat” Vinnie Paz, “You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train”
This is really just one small line as part of an entire detailed description of Columbus landing in America, where he was treated well yet didn't reciprocate. Paz goes into some great detail too.

“Fuck Christopher Columbus! The Indians was here first” Prodigy, “My World Is Empty Without You”
Prodigy takes a moment to remind everyone that despite claiming to have “discovered” America, there were already people living here. So how could Columbus discover something that already had inhabitants?

“We've been pompous ever since Columbus couldn't work a compass” B.o.B. Featuring Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton, “Change Gonna Come”
This isn't exactly a dis to Columbus per se, considering he got lost and then claimed to stumble upon America. Still, Asher Roth's verse on “Change Gonna Come” suggests CC didn't have the best sense of direction. That beats being called a murderer though, right?

"I'm anti-Santa Maria Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace" Jay Z "Oceans"
Columbus who? Biggie all day.