Hip-hop has been influencing pop culture for years. As slang becomes more socially accepted, the crossover appeal is inevitable and it's nice when rap gets the recognition it deserves.

More than 10 years ago, "bling bling," a word first coined by Lil Wayne, Juvenile and the Hot Boys, was officially recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary. And yes, while adding these words to the dictionary can sometimes mean they are linguistically "uncool" for the originators of the word, it's a validation that they've left their mark on the rap game.

When B.G. found out that "bling bling" was officially in the dictionary, he had this to say: "'Bling bling’ will never be forgotten so it’s like I will never be forgotten. I just wish that I’d trademarked it, so I’d never have to work again.”

The following year, "bootylicious" had its moment in the spotlight as it was also added to the dictionary. Though the word was first coined by Snoop Dogg back in 1992, R&B trio Destiny's Child took the term over the top with their 2001 single, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains one of the group's highest selling hits to this day.

With today (May 20) being the 15th anniversary of Destiny's Child's 2001 hit single "Bootylicious," here's a reminder of a few times hip-hop added to the English vernacular. Check out the real definitions of some of hip-hop's most famous words and phrases. Peep the wordplay game in the gallery above.

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