Billboard’s list of their ’10 Greatest Rappers of All Time’ has a lot of rappers talking and sharing their opinions on the controversial list. With plenty of rappers taking to social media to share their own personal top 10 list, others have provided their thoughts on the list throughout radio and video interviews.

With much of the controversy surrounding the exclusion of the late and great 2Pac, other debates have sparked due to the names of rappers included on the list. Most recently, Tyga spoke on the controversial list during his sit down interview with radio station Power 106 FM. To the surprise of many, King Gold Chains praised his nemesis, Drake, and mentioned that the Candian rapper along with J. Cole belong on Billboard’s list.

A week after Billboard released their list, rappers are still offering their opinions. Today, XXL looks back at all of the rappers that have spoken up on Billboard’s '10 Greatest Rappers of All Time' list.