The Game and Stitches are currently in the most ridiculous beef right now. Here's quick background on Stitches. Born Phillip Katsabanis, the young MC is based out of Miami and became a rapper to watch after his "Brick In Yo Face" went viral in 2013. With Stitches' larger-than-life persona and love for cocaine, many people were curious about who he really is. Before the 20-year-old rapper became Stitches he was Lil Phil and looked completely different (see gallery below).

Fast forward to today and Stitches is now making the news for the wrong reasons. He posted on Instagram a "Twitter conversation" he had with The Game in October (see above). Stitches also released a diss record titled "Game Over" aimed at Game and Tyga. The Game responded and said he never sent any messages to Stitches. "Any ni--a name that rhymes with bitches," he said in the video. Stitches continued to take jabs at Game via social media. Game then dropped a freestyle on Power 106 L.A. during The Liftoff with Eric Dlux and Justin Credible and dissed the Miami rapper. "Run up on my car/You will die for nothing/Over my kids, boy/I ain’t bluffin’/I ain’t fuckin’ with you n—as/I ain’t fuckin’ with you bitches/ Wait ’til I catch up to that boy Stitches.”

All of this led up to the now infamous knockout punch that happen earlier this month. In Miami a few weeks ago, Stitches was angry with security at a night club when he wasn't allowed in. Believing that Game was behind the incident, the Florida rapper waited outside the club for hours. He posted numerous videos on Instagram begging the rapper to come outside to fight. Things didn't go as planned as Game's manager, Wack 100, punched Stitches in the face and knocked him out cold. Stitches who was eventually arrested for resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession and outstanding warrants.

This beef looks like it isn't going to end anytime soon. Here's the entire timeline.

  • The Game's Manager Knocks Out Stitches

    Miami-bred rapper Stitches got knocked out by the Game's manager outside a nightclub in Miami on (Dec. 3). Stitches was upset that he couldn't get in and claimed it was Game who told security to stop the Miami native. Stitches then waited outside for hours and posted several videos on social networks.

    Things escalated when The Game came out. Stitches was about to get arrested by police because they suspected he was about to attempt a drive-by. When off-duty officers stopped the vehicle, the gold teeth-rapper pushed past the police and the fight broke out. Video then popped up on social media of The Game's manager, Wack 100, punching Stitches in the face.

    Game later took to Instagram and laughed at the incident. "Ay that man Stiches just got his whole mouth busted in front of the muhfuckin' police man," he said. Stitches was arrested for resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants. Stitches mugshot showed visible injuries to his face.

  • Stitches Says He Was Sucker Punched

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    Stitches put his Instagram on private following the incident but announced that he wants to fight a fair one with the West Coast native. The southern artist also claimed that he was sucker punched and that the police were paid off by the Game. In his second video, Stitches went on a rant about how brave he was for stepping to Game's entourage. In the Instagram caption, Stiches wrote, "I want a fair fight. I'll put 100k on it."

    The Game posted a variety of posts taunting Stitches about the altercation. He also posted an Instagram note about the fight from his point of view.

    "The same mouth you talked about my kids from got busted the fuck open. Now the stitches on ya mouth ain't no fuckin tattoo. You brought ya lil' dumb ass up there with five clowns packed in a Porsche, drove around for two hours making an Insta-Movie. All five got out the car acting tough because the police was out there. You ran up, ya homies didn't move and you got yo pussy ass knocked out on video in front of the police," The Game wrote.

  • Stitches Gets Jumped by His Own Crew

    Just a few days after being punched out cold and arrested outside of a Miami nightclub, Stitches popped up on social media again with more facial injuries and claimed that his own associates jumped him. The Game offered Stitches recovery tips, telling him to pop a few Tylenol and call Jesus in the morning:

    Comedian Gary Owen even jumped in on the action, apologizing on behalf of the white community for the rapper's repeated use of racial slurs.

  • Stitches Releases Diss Record Titled "Don't Fear Death"

    Stitches releases a diss record at The Game titled "Don't Fear Death." Stitches threatens the MC's children with violence and take shots at the Cali rapper's history as a male stripper.

  • The Game's Manager Addresses Knocking Out Stitches

    Wack 100 called into P La Cangri on El Bloke Radio for an interview about the situation involving Stitches. Wack explained that he did Stitches a favor.

    "At the end of the day, I can respect his movement," said Wack. "But we ain't tolerate no disrespect. He's a kid. He ain't been living long enough to be living with certain people and certain situations. Hopefully, it might extend his life 'cause if he was dealing with what I consider a baby rattlesnake... A youngster, they might not have took it right. I'm a little older, so I ain't got no problem coming with the hands. Hopefully it might wake him up and help him understand that this shit out here, it's not a game."

    Wack said that he felt Stitches was lying to himself.

    "If you look at this dude, he talks real loud," Wack said. "He put tattoos on his face. But you're dealing with a dude who's really trying to lie to himself and psych himself out that he's really that and really you're not. When we got to the county jail, he didn't want it."

  • Footage of Stitches Getting Jumped Leaks

    Footage emerged of Stitches getting jumped by his former associates. The video shows two men repeatedly punching Stitches while he remains in his car. According to TMZ, one of the men thought Stitches was setting him up to be robbed.

  • The Game Re-Enacts Stitches Getting Jumped

    At a recent show in San Bernardino, Calif., The Game continued to mock Stitches by re-enacting the incident.

  • Stitches Wants to Fight The Game in a Celebrity Boxing Match

    Stitches challenged The Game to a celebrity boxing match. Stitches made the announcement via his Instagram and showed that he signed a contract to fight Game. The photo was then reposted by the Celebrity Boxing Federation account and CEO Damon Feldman.

  • The Game's Manager Accepts Fight With Stitches But With Conditions

    The Game's manager Wack 100 says he'll fight Stitches but he'll only fight a black man. "I already told you White boy you'll never make a dime [off] us Black men. Go find another White boy I'll do the fight with another Black man," he wrote. Wack 100 later posted a video of himself accepting the fight.

  • The Game Accepts Stitches' Fight Request

    The Game posted on Instagram that he accepts Stitches challenge. But there's one condition. Stitches must sign a waiver stating that he won't sue Game if he gets hurt. The IG post was later taken down.

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