Havoc dropped a gem on the Drink Champs podcast. TMZ got a preview of the next episode featuring Havoc where the veteran producer reveals that the late Prince contributed to a Mobb Deep song.

Havoc told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that his homeboy noticed Prince outside of the studio one day in the '90s when Mobb Deep was recording. Havoc's friend said that Prince was "mad cool" and brought the legendary musician into the recording session. The rapper/producer explained that he was in awe of Prince, but ended up asking the music icon for help on a beat.

"So, I was making a beat and then I was like, 'Holy shit... Prince," Havoc said. "I was like, 'Is there anything I need to do the beat?' He's like, 'Hold on!' That nigga got on the keyboard and just started. I swear to God. He was that cool, yo."

Havoc stated that Snoop Dogg would later rap on the beat that the Queens native and Prince worked on that night. The record, which is titled "Thou Shall Not Kill," got an official release in 2007 when it appeared on Mobb Deep's The Infamous Archives.

Adding to legend of Prince was Havoc's detail of how the "Purple Rain" singer left the studio after assisting on the production.

"The nigga walked out and didn't even say bye," Havoc said. "How bout that?

Check out "Thou Shall Not Kill" below to hear Mobb Deep and Prince's little known collaboration. And make sure to listen to the entire Havoc episode of the Drink Champs podcast when it drops tomorrow (July 1).

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