Today, March 31, is the birthday of New York MC and G-Unit mainstay Tony Yayo. Yayo turns 40 today.

Just like the crew's frontman, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo was born and raised in Southside Jamaica Queens and began rapping as an escape from the world around him. Once 50 found commercial success and established G-Unit Records under Interscope, Yayo made his first appearance on wax on the crew's debut collaborative album, Beg for Mercy in 2003. Already a fan favorite, Yayo made a name for himself within G-Unit for his sense of humor, and is straightforward approach, a perfect contrast to 50 Cent's charisma and Lloyd Banks' steely punchline rap.

In 2005, Yayo made a name for himself when he dropped the solo single, "So Seductive" off his debut album, Thoughts of the Predicate Felon. "So Seductive" was catchy, and fit in with the kind of rap that was popular at the time, while retaining it's New York edge. The hook is unforgettable, and brings back a lot of memories for fans all over the world. The track, a collab between Yayo and G-Unit boss 50 Cent, worked well for both. "Shorty so seductive dancing on me/The way that she move is making me horny," they both sang. "If I wake up next to her in the morning/I'mma turn her over and tell her lets do it again."

To date, Yayo has graced the cover of XXL many times and has worked on one solo album and four collaborative albums with the Unit.

Happy Birthday, Tony Yayo!

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