Today, Aug. 17, is the birthday of one of the Bay Area's most eccentric rappers, Lil B, also known as Lil B The BasedGod. The rapper now turns 29.

The rapper, producer and motivational tweeter started his rap career in high school when he linked up with Bay Area crew The Pack. Lil B enjoyed breakout success when The Pack's 2006 single, "Vans" off their Skateboards 2 Scrapers EP became a viral hit. Thanks to looks from Mistah F.A.B and Too $hort, the group dropped their debut album, Based Boys in 2007. B eventually went out on his own, releasing two digital albums and a mixtape, creating his own label and dropping his debut studio album, Rain in England, by 2010. In 2011, the BasedGod was named a part of the 2011 XXL Freshman class alongside Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Meek Mill and more. Since then, B has dropped five more projects, feuded with everyone from Joey Bada$$ to Joe Budden and became an Internet sensation along the way.

As one of the most out there MCs in the game, Lil B is not only a talented rhymer, but he's also become an astonishing force on social media. The rapper engages with fans on Twitter and MySpace platforms like no other rapper today, so much so that he even has a daily hashtag for his female followers. And when it comes to the world of sports, B will inflict his signature Lil B curse without hesitation on any ball player who crosses him or tries to take his cooking dance.

Above all else, Lil B believes in staying "based" or positive in what you're doing. Stream Lil B's Platinum Flame double album now and don't forget to wish the rapper a happy birthday on Twitter.

Happy Birthday, Lil B!

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