In a few years, we'll probably look back on YG and Nipsey Hussle's "FDT" as one of the most iconic songs of the decade for its politically charged sentiment. As of right now, hackers are breaking into radio broadcast signals across the country and playing the anti-Donald Trump anthem on repeat, according to the Associated Press.

One of those radio stations was Sunny 107.9 WFBS-FM in Salem, South Carolina. On Monday night (Jan. 30), hackers got access to the broadcast signal and played "FDT" for 20 minutes straight. "FDT" was also recently broadcast on radio stations in Tennessee, Texas, Louisville, Ky., Sacramento, Calif. and Seattle, Wash.

Sunny 107.9 radio host Jeff Bright, who operates the local South Carolina station out of his own home, tracked the IP addresses of the hackers to Russia and Taiwan.

The radio station also released a statement about the situation on its Facebook page. The Facebook post reads, "We would like to thank our local TV stations who have helped get the word out about what happened to our station last night. Thanks to Fox Carolina, News Channel 7 WSPA, and News 4 WYFF. Coming up tonight at 11:00 pm News 4 will air and interview about what happened. And to all of our listeners and supporters of our station. Thank you for your comments and supports. You folks are as mad as we are. Rest assured that we have taken every possible security measures to keep this from happening again. Unfortunately, this may happen again. We will try our best to keep this from occurring."

The station also responded to a Facebook user's comment, typing, "Sad part is they could of taken over the EAS system and done real damage like hitting the Nuke power plant codes that could have resulted in wide spread panic. I do not mind other people voicing their opinions but braking into a federal facility and using it ( them across the country) as their megaphone is just as dishonest as robbing a Bank. We lost advertising time that we have to make up at our expense. If they do not like President Trump then get a sign and stand on a street corner."

You can view a news report about the hacking in Salem, South Carolina below courtesy of WYFF News 4.

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