Gucci Mane had one of the most baller weddings ever on Tuesday (Oct. 17) in Miami. The extravagant event was attended by a who's who of industry folk and entertainers. But according to Guwop's youngest brother, Nate, he nor the rapper's mother were invited.

TMZ recently talked to Nate who told his side of the story. "[Gucci] didn't let me go to the wedding," Nate said. "I'm happy for him. He went through hell to get to paradise where he at now. Me or my mom didn't go. We still reflect on it. That's just another chapter we have to close in our life."

Nate said he feels some type of way about the omission. "I feel real bad Ra[dric] didn't invite me to his wedding," he added. "I really wanted to be there for him. Just as a brother standpoint. Just to support you, guide you, however you need me to. Just as a brother. You know, I am my brother's keeper. For me not to be invited, I don't know how to feel. I thought I knowed you. But I don't even know you."

He added that he had no idea why neither of them were invited to partake in the special day. "It's hard because, I don't know, she don't know. Left us in...ghost," he said.

According to TMZ, one of Gucci's other brothers was his best man, leaving Nate and mom dukes even more puzzled as to why they didn't get an invite.

Nobody wins when the family feuds.

Check out Nate's interview below.

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