gucci mane free man

In May, Gucci Mane plead guilty to a federal firearms charge. While the rapper expected to be out by next year, no later than 2016, it seems like he will be serving more time. Today, he was sentenced to three years and three months as well as three years of supervised release with limited travel and $5000 fine.

Despite his sentence, the judge believes he still has time to change and become a law-abiding citizen.

"You're still a young man, and you can still do a lot if you follow and abide by the law," said U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones to Gucci.

His team is hoping the judge will consider giving him credit for about 11 months served in the DeKalb County jail since his arrest in September. Jones said it was a matter to be handled by the Bureau of Prisons.

Gucci’s lawyer Drew Findling said that the rapper would prefer to serve his time away on the West Coast where he would be away from distractions and closer to home. He also mentioned that Gucci has struggled with lean addiction and recommended the judge send him to facility with a recovery program.

"He understands he has some work ahead of him, and his goal is to bring a resolution to this case through this sentence and to get back to something that is very important to him and his fans and that is to perform," Findling said.

The Atlanta MC plans to drop eight projects this year.