In September, Gucci Mane got to sit down with author Malcolm Gladwell at the YouTube Space in Manhattan. Now, footage from the event is slowly being released and fans get to see what the two discussed.

In the first part of their conversation, the Mr. Davis rapper revealed which authors inspire him and which ones helped him get his book, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, completed. Aside from being a huge fan of Gladwell -- revealing he's read every book he's written -- Gucci said he reads a lot of Robert Greene and Joel Osteen.

"I'm really more into like self-help books more than anything," the rapper said. "I read mostly like TD Jakes, Joel Osteen. It seem like when I read books, they're like self-help." Gucci added that when he reads books, it seems like they either help lose weight or work out.

In a recent interview, Gucci revealed how his book came to be, saying he originally wanted to create a screenplay until his engineer suggested writing a book. “I was like, OK, let me try it,” he said. “Then one day, I wrote 30 pages. Then Neil [Martinez-Belkin, co-author of the book] wrote me in prison, and I remembered him from interviewing me for XXL. He told me that I should write a book and left his number.”

The rapper also has plans for another book, saying he "100 percent" wants to write another and "definitely" wants to get started with his screenplay.

Check out part one of Gucci Mane and Malcolm Gladwell's discussion below.

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