Producer tags are at an all time high these days. As beat makers are making a name for themselves, they are making sure to name themselves at the beginning of each track, therefore providing a virtual advertisement for their brand. Atlanta producer Mike Will Made-It recently told the story about how he got his famous drop from frequent collaborator Gucci Mane.

The Ear Drummer head honcho recently conducted an interview with Red Bull Music Academy where he talked about the origins of the plug.

Mike remembers working with Guwop in the early stages of his career. In one particular studio session, he recalls the Atlanta rapper going on a torrid pace of freestyling, smoking and laying tracks.

"In his verse he says, 'Mike Will made it, Gucci Mane slayed it,'" remembers Will about the session. "I'm like damn that man just shouted me out, that's hard," he added.

Some of the songs they recorded on that day ended up on the following Gucci Mane mixtape, and a star was born. "When it came out on Guapahoics mixtape, after that everyone in the streets was just running up to me like 'Yo, Mike Will Made-It.' 'Cause before then it was just Mike Will. After that it was like Mike Will Made-It, Mike Will Made-It, Mike Will Made-It. I was like shit, Imma run with Mike Will Made-It then.

Will sampled woman's voice saying the name, and it has been at the beginning of most of his beats since then.

He and Gucci's relationship has continued to flourish throughout the years, with Mike handling most of the production duties on his comeback album Everybody Looking.

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