Gucci Mane was released from prison early this morning (May 26) and once the news broke, the Internet went nuts. After the rapper’s longtime girlfriend Keyshia Kaoir revealed his release through a number of videos on Snapchat, inside sources also confirmed with XXL that Guwop was out. He is now residing in the metropolitan Atlanta area where he's leasing a home.

Big Guwop was serving his time in a federal facility in Terre Haute, Ind. Reports say that he will be on home confinement and then placed on supervised release, which is basically the federal version of probation. XXL got Gucci Mane's lawyer, Drew Findling, on the phone to explain why his client's release date was pushed up to today. Apparently Gucci wasn't properly credited for the time he spent in jail while waiting for his case to go to court.

"The reason for his release date is myself and my legal team took the position that he was not properly deemed and then credited for the time he was incarcerated while waiting for his case to go to court," Findling tells XXL. "We filed a series of motions after which being considered, the court signed an order in agreement with us. Bailor was sent to the Bureau of Prisons and his sentence was adjusted accordingly and he was released."

The Trap God, whose real name Radric Davis, can start recording music immediately but can only travel if he goes through the proper "checks and balances" and gets permission. However, Findling suggests that Gucci will hold off from traveling until he's on supervised release because he'll have greater flexibility.

Fans have been waiting for this day since Gucci Mane La Flare got locked up. Twitter exploded when news broke of his release and the rapper has been trending on the social media site for hours. "The outpouring that I've been receiving from fans is insane from around the country; excited about [Gucci] being back and able to perform and record again," Findling says.

As far as Gucci's health, the southern rhymer looks as good as he's ever been, sporting rock-hard abs and a toned body.

"He’s probably 50 pounds lighter," Findling shares. "He’s fit and trim. He’s in incredible physical shape and he’s ready for the next chapter of his life and excited about the next chapter in his life."

Gucci was arrested back in September 2013 for possession of two firearms. Authorities said he “displayed the loaded firearm, acted erratically, and made threats to individuals, including police and his attorney.” He pled guilty and was sentenced to 39 months. He was originally expected to get out in September of this year.

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