We'd say Gucci Mane's living his best life, but honestly, it's probably even better than that. Just a couple of days removed from the unveiling of his book The Autobiography of Gucci Mane and less than a month away from his wedding and the release of his Mr. Davis album, Guwop's announced a plan that's so incredibly ambitious you have to think he's feeling on top of the world.

"2018 I'm going 100 percent independent and dropping a mixtape every other day ‍♂️#MrDavisTheAlbum," the Atlanta rapper tweeted on Friday afternoon (Sept. 22). Yes, you read that right: Gucci plans to go completely independent and drop over 180 mixtapes next year, if you do the math. That's a lot.

Now, going 100% independent probably isn't outside the realm of possibility for Guwop, but dropping a new mixtape every other day? That's an unfathomable amount of material for anyone, even one of the most prolific artists in the rap game. If he were to actually carry that out, and each project were, let's say, seven tracks each, Guwop will have flooded the rap game with well over 1,200 songs in a year. Then again, he might not be speaking literally.

For now, we can look forward to Mr. Davis, which will drop on Oct. 13. You can pre-order it on iTunes. Check out Gucci's tweet below.

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