Gucci Mane has been known for his ice game for a while now. Who can forget the insane Bart Simpson charm, or the So Icy piece that was big enough to hula hoop through? Nowadays, Guwop is still making his case as the King of Bling. And just to prove that he still has it, the Atlanta rapper recently dropped $500,000 on an insane new choker.

Wop showed off the new bling in an Instagram video. The chain appears to be two diamond-encrusted panthers who each have three diamond chains in their mouths. Gucci definitely thought outside the box on this one. "I think this my hardest creation 💦," he captioned the video

The gaudy piece was designed by Gucci and crafted by Diamond Club Miami. According to TMZ, the piece contains 1,800 diamonds in the cats alone. There are an additional 2,800 in the chain. The total diamond weight is a whopping 165 carats.

Gucci's year continues to get even better. Earlier this week, he was notified that his probation would end two years early. Gucci's autobiography, written by former XXL editor, Neil Martinez-Belkin, hits shelves on Sept. 19. Next month, he is set to marry his fiancee, Keyshia Ka'ior. The couple recently sent out the wedding invitations, which reportedly cost $1,000 a piece. The wedding is set to go down on, you guessed it, 10/17.

Check out video and pictures Gucci's stunning new piece below.

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