There's no denying, Bobby Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew are in the fight of their lives as they go through trial on murder, weapons and other charges, following their arrest back in December at Quad Studios. Now we have a little more insight into that fateful day that changed the rapper's life forever. GS9 affiliate OP recently spoke to Revolt and recalled how the day played out leading up to the bust and being locked up with the "Hot Nigga" rapper.

According to OP, that day, the crew was in the studio putting the finishing touches on a record called, "She All About The Money" featuring Too Short. Epic Records vice president Sha Money XL was in the building checking up on the crew's latest tunes and talking with Bobby about flying out to Cali to shoot a video for the song. "[Bobby] was mad energetic," recalls OP. At one point Shmurda left the studio and authorities swarmed.

"We're looking out the window," he says. "We just see cops rushing up. So, now I'm just getting paranoid, 'This shit about to get crazy.' 'Cause all I'm thinking, the way they hopped out the truck, I'm not paranoid 'cause it's cops, just the way it's happening. they hopped out a 16-wheeler truck."

After members were booked, OP remembers Shmurda being dismayed in lockup. "Bobby was tight, like, 'Yo, son, this shit's fucking crazy. They're trying to lock me up for Crip. I don't give a fuck about Crip, son.' He was just going crazy," he says. "I was telling him, most likely the police is gonna use you as an example."

Bobby was eventually given a $2 million bail which he has been unable to make. The rapper recently plead not guilty to weapons charges in relation to having a shank in prison. His next court date is in October.

Check out the entire interview, above.

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