After a seven year hiatus, influential Atlanta rap group Goodie Mob will return with a new album this fall, titled We Sell Drugs Too.

Cee Lo Green took to Twitter to announce the new album, writing “Expect nothing more then the same thang!I know u gone love it:)”[sic]

Goodie Mob, comprised of Cee-Lo, Bigg Gipp, Khujo, and T-Mo, debuted in 1995 with their album Soul Food, produced by Organized Noize. Soul Food also features the birth of the term “Dirty South,” which came to characterize the area below the Mason-Dixon line in the years to follow.

Though Cee Lo was absent from the last Goodie Mob album, the foursome reunited in recent years, embarking on a reunion tour.

Goodie Mob is part of the Atlanta musical collective the Dungeon Family, a supergroup that features OutKast and Organized Noize.

Stay tuned to as more details emerge on We Sell Drugs Too. —Martin Spasov