The beef between The Game and Meek Mill continues to escalate, new diss tracks and comments emerging by the day. Just today, Game responded to a Meek diss by releasing an "OOOUUU" remix of his own titled "Pest Control." Philadelphia rapper Gillie Da Kidd though thinks that for the beef to be legitimized, things need to turn violent, posting the above video to Instagram.

"That’s how you know I be in my own world. I didn’t even know this shit with Meek and Game was going on, man" Gillie says. "That shit crazy. Somebody gotta die. If somebody don’t die, that shit don’t mean nothing. At this point, somebody got to pull that pistol out and put some action down. If not this shit gonna be fake. Somebody gotta die. Only way I see it. Fuck all that Black Lives Matter shit. Somebody gotta die. Fuck it. We from Philly, niggas die every day, man."

Contrast those comments with ones made by Game on The Wendy Williams Show earlier today (Sept. 20) and it doesn't seem as likely for the beef to turn deadly. Williams says that nothing good came of the Tupac-Biggie beef and pleads with Game to keep the shots on wax. Game meanwhile says, "its not a fight its just hip-hop." Listen to those comments below with Gillie's take is up top. Despite his diagnosis, we hope for all parties involved that, as Williams asks, things don't erupt. 

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