Ghostface Killah stepped in the legal marijuana game and is pushing a new product called Wu Goo, a marijuana concentrate. Fittingly, the product, which works in conjunction with a vape pen, has a flashy new hilarious commercial which you can feast your marvelous eyes on, above.

Starting off as a straight up infomercial, Tony Stark shows off his new invention noting its technical aspects and pluses to the product. "You wanna read your book. You wanna focus. You wanna fuck. This shit right here is the shit," says Pretty Tony. Following that is a trippy visual for the song "Wu Goo" featuring Killah Priest which can not be described, only experienced. This is the best video you will see all day.

(Note: The writer of this article called the number on the ad, and this is really a legit product. If you were wondering. Sadly, it can only be purchased by California residents.)

Ghostface is one of many rappers to jump in the legit buds business. In 2014, Wiz Khalifa revealed he no longer pays for weed and in fact has a company that sponsors him that produces his line of Khalifa Kush. Chief Keef reportedly opened a weed dispensary the same year. Freddie Gibbs owns a strain called Freddie Kane.

The Migos have a strain of marijuana named after them, and Kurupt has his own product line called Moon Rocks.

Last November, Snoop Dogg launched his own line of weed related products called Leafs by Snoop and he has already invested in a medical marijuana delivery service as well as a website that covers all things weed.

The refer-lution is here, folks.

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