As artists on the 2017 Adult Swim Singles Program, Ghostemane and Clams Casino pleased a lot of fans with their track, "Kali Yuga." They recently uploaded the harrowing and jarring video for the song.

Director Max Beck visually shows the broken relationship that Ghostemane reminisces on, by gagging and tying up a girl in a wheelchair.  The Florida MC raps around her, face painted like the rock group KISS, with unknown but probably dangerous intentions. The rough cuts and camera movements simulate what you might feel like caught in a mosh pit, but it also reflects the pain felt by Ghost.

The title of the song refers to the final stage of Earth, according to Sankrit scriptures (Hindu religious texts), which can also be interpreted as the Dark Age. Ending it with this girl was the rapper's Kali Yuga. The mix of piano and devilish samples by Clams Casino provide an appropriate beat for Ghostemane's heavy thoughts.

The video ends with a disorienting blinders effect, leaving the viewer unsure of what's happening to the rapper.

Ghost also appeared on Pouya's "Death By Dishonor" in February.

You can watch the video for "Kali Yuga" below.

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