Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera has some choice words for hip-hop. During a half hour Q&A session with Huff Post Live, the veteran journalist took a moment to speak on his opinion of hip-hop culture and how it has negatively affected the Black community.

"Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years," Rivera said during the chat with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps. "When you find the youngster - a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem who has succeeded in life other than being the one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent that make it in the music business - that's been a success in life walking around with his pants around his ass and with visible is this whole ethos."

That's not just all. The Celebrity Apprentice runner-up brought Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam. Rivera, into the discussion.

"I love Russell Simmons, he's a dear friend of mine. I admire his business acumen," Rivera continued. "At some point, those guys have to cop to the fact that by encouraging this distinctive culture that is removed from the mainstream, they have encouraged people to be so different from the mainstream that they can't participate other than, you know, the racks in the garment center and those entry-level jobs. And I lament it. I really do. I think that it has been very destructive culturally."

Zepps, acknowledging that Rivera just opened a can of worms, decides not to go down the same road as talk show host, noting that "there are a lot of potential explanations for why there is alienation of minority communities."

Although Geraldo Rivera and Russell Simmons are long-time friends, this isn't the first time we've heard Rivera take a jab at Simmons. Back in 2012, Rivera made comments on Fox News regarding Trayvon Martin, saying the teenager made himself a target by the way he dressed. Rivera apologized, but Simmons was not here for that and responded saying "Geraldo, your apology is bullsh*t! Your apology is nothing but a defense of a racist, backward thing you already said."

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