Less than a month removed from dropping his "No, No, No" video, Brooklyn's Gashi hits New York City with his crew in his new visual for "Used to Be."

In the video, Gashi and his team hit up the city sidewalks and what looks like a Chinese restaurant as "Used to Be" plays as the soundtrack. When they're not doing that, they're standing in front of an apartment complex, bouncing around to the sound of Gashi's voice. It's free-wheeling and energetic, much like the Ben Billions-produced track it was made for.

"You got me losing my mind/Every night I pop another pill to sleep/They keep saying there ain't nothing wrong with me/I'm just so obsessed with how things used to be, used to be," Gashi spits in the hook for the song.

In the verses for the track, Gashi evokes a sense of paranoia and alienation, while using a bouncy staccato flow that makes it easy to listen to. "Tell 'em they don't know what they think they know/Seen it all before, seen it all before/Best friends switching sides, now it's fuck 'em all/Getting high on the low, please don't call my phone," he spits on the song's second verse.

It's been six months since Gashi signed to Roc Nation, and at this point, it looks like he's right on the precipice of blowing all the way up.

Peep his latest visual for yourself below.

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