G Herbo's son's mother, Ariana Fletcher, is not happy.

On Wednesday (Oct. 9), Fletcher went off on both Herbo and his girlfriend, Fabolous' stepdaughter, Taina Williams, in a since-deleted Instagram post. Apparently upset that Herbo had brought Williams around their son despite his purported promises not to, Fletcher called him out for going back on his word and called Williams out for allegedly sleeping with Lil Bibby.

"NOW IM TAKING IT ALL THE WAY THERE," Fletcher began. "I try to be a cool ass baby mama, let you get my son even tho you don't ever even get him foreal for whatever reason. I helped you get your cases dropped so you couldn't go to jail. I be being so cool with you and you really done pushed me past my mf limit now, MY SON BITCH? IS YOU ON DOPE? Cause when I just checked you and this bitch the other day y'all swore that wasn't my baby but this shit is CLEAR AS FUCKING DAY MY SON! You dumb broke crybaby bitch. I asked you to not have my son around this hoe. I told you to your face not to have him around this lame ass hoe and yo hoe ass agreed and said you and her know better ain't no disrespecting me when it come to my son. Nigga you swore on all yo dead homies you don't have my son around. Stupid bitch sitting here with her face frowned up while you got my son. The bitch used to fuck bibby, she's a cum rag ass, wanna be wifey ass, tryna luck up ass hoe. Please lie and say shit didn't so I can post it. You wifed a hoe that wanna pretend to be a good girl shorty ass is a professional side bitch that you fell for. How you wife a hoe that fucked with one of yo main homies. Yo hoe so fucking slow she gives you 24 rolled woods full of weed and you just got out of a fucking drug program 2 weeks ago. AIR HEAD!"

She continued by alleging that Herbo, with whom she welcomed their son, Yosohn in April 2018, had previously contracted herpes and that he attempted to rid himself of the disease by visiting a witch.

G Herbo and Taina confirmed their relationship earlier this year. As for the charges Fletcher is referring to, she could be alluding to an alleged physical altercation Herbo got into with her back in April. He was arrested on a battery charge after the purported incident.

XXL has reached out to both G Herbo and Lil Bibby for comment.

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