At 22 years old, G Herbo has already seen a lot for his age, and in his new video for "Man Now," the Chicago rapper reflects on how far he's come.

"You know I come from a city of sorrow, man/Ugly introduction, red snow/Heartaches, heartbreaks, headache, look," the rapper says before diving into his first verse. While standing poolside in Jamaica, Herbo raps about his run-ins with the law, his dead homies and the money he's making now in the LVTRKEVN-directed video.

Last month, G Herbo spoke to XXL about his use of lean. While the rapper doesn't drink it anymore, he did open up about the negative effects it had on him. "I know for a fact, lean do a whole ’nother thing to you," he told us.

"Lean, that shit'll have you sleep, have you missing studio sessions," the rapper continued. "It'll have you trippin', have you angry, grouchy. I done got into it with people. I done threatened people. Finna fight people in the studio off lean. People done knock my cups over and I done got mad as hell. Made them give me money out they pockets and shit. And I'm not even that type of person... It will get the best of you. For real, for real."

The rapper also recently released his debut album, Humble BeastThe incredible 15-song project includes features from Lil Yachty, Jeremih, Lil Bibby, Bump J and Lil Uzi Vert. Production on the album is handled by DJ L, C-Sick, Southside and more.

Check out the "Man Now" video below.

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