Yesterday, Chance The Rapper announced that he would donate $1 million to Chicago public schools. Now, another young Chi-Town champion is stepping forth to make his presence felt in the classroom.

On Weds., March 8, G Herbo will be presented the Honorary Principal For A Day Award from South Shore International College Preparatory High School in Chicago. After receiving a tribute from the students, Herbo will give a speech, and then hold a Q&A about his music and the music business. According to Stanley Coleman, Jr., who is the program manager at South Shore High School, the ascendant Herbo represents everything positive about the South Side of Chicago.

"G Herbo embodies class, heart, grit, hope, brilliance, grace, leadership, integrity, elegance, intelligence, kindness, compassion, spirit, courage, strength, determination, dedication, resiliency & fight that has successfully mobilized our youth from the South Side of Chicago to know that their voice can make the difference in the World of Empowerment/Artistic Integrity/Music & Education," Coleman explained in a statement.

Later on that evening, Herbo will get back to doing what he does best, performing a show for the Red Bull Sound Select Concert series with fellow Chi-Town MC Lil Bibby. Sounds like an eventful day.

Herbo speaking at a school from his hometown is another positive step for schools in Chicago's beleaguered public school system. Yesterday (March 6), Chance criticized Illinois Governor Rauner for his inability to improve the state's public school system.

“Illinois ranks dead last in the U.S. in funding public education. With the stroke of a pen, the Governor has the power to change that,” Chance explained. "This isn’t about politics, this isn’t about posturing, this is about taking care of the kids. Governer Rauner, do your job.”

It will be interesting to see if Chano and Herbo will ever collaborate on trying to improve their state's school system. We'll have to see.

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