Cassie is finally back in action, and she's releasing the music video for her "Love a Loser" track, which features G-Eazy. The Oakland rapper stars alongside the Bad Boy singer for the new set of visuals, which cover their stories of devastating heartbreak in their recent relationships.

The video starts off with Cassie hanging out with her male love interest in a slew of different scenes, as their narration of their time in bed plays in the background. While the hip-hop beauty provides different locations and colorful backdrops throughout the video for the Ben Billions & Danny Boy-produced song. Eventually, Eazy makes his cameo for his melancholy verse, which hears him reflecting on getting his heart broken by his own previous love.

"I'd rather lose a lover than to love a loser, yeah/Damn, that was my baby, thought we had a future, aye," the "No Limit" star raps. "Next to all these options I would always choose her/But she's fragile, feels like every place I touch, I bruise her, aye/Delicate, I fell back, I can't tell if it/Really hope that hurts, she told me she been celibate/Said nobody made her feel the way I did/I felt a bit, a little bit conflicted/I heard she had someone new she was messing with, fuck/I can not tell, I think I'm under her spell."

Las tweek, Cassie recently released her self-titled short film, which the video now accompanys.

Watch Cassie and G-Eazy star in the visuals for "Love a Loser" below to see what they've cooked up.

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