Future cannot stop. For his latest video installment, Future drops the visual for the title track of his 56 Nights video. The dimly lit features Future and his DJ, Esco (whom the tape is named after), mobbing through the streets surrounded by beautiful women while sipping lean and rapping. Future's output has been downright impressive as of late and the 56 Nights video only adds to the dope body of work he has put out in 2015. Check it out above.

The aforementioned DJ Esco got himself into some hot water in Dubai after he got busted for some weed. The DJ ended up spending 56 days in jail, hence the title of Future's mixtape, and detailed the experience to FADER. Below is an excerpt, the rest of the story can be read here:

 was not intentionally trying to bring weed to Abu Dhabi. And if I would have known the rules and laws they got over there, I would have quadruple checked my bag and made sure there wasn’t a piece of weed. I swear I would have.

So, okay. [The officer] finally found like, this fairy dust particle of weed in my backpack. They’re trying to get like a magnifying glass and—I’m for real—they’re like, arguing if it’s green or brown. They’re tearing the luggage apart like I got kilos of cocaine or something, ripping the bags apart looking for extra compartments and shit. The officer gets down to the last two bags, and that’s when he finds a bag with some weed in it. It was a good little amount, probably 15 grams or something like that.

At this point I’m thinking, first of all, What the fuck? I didn’t know the weed was there. And second, I didn’t know what the hell they was gonna do. Cause once they seen some weed they went crazy. You would have thought I had a bomb and there was ten seconds left and the world is about to end if they didn’t get every officer up there. But I’m not scared yet, because I’m still thinking that worst case scenario, they’re just gonna send me back on the plane. Okay, I can’t come. It’s the last show anyways, and I don’t really want to go through all these interrogations. Do what you want to do with the weed, and send me back next flight. So I’m still relaxed at this point. Little did I know, I was gonna be in that motherfucker for 56 days.