No one will look back and say Future failed because he was too cautious. Atlanta's Autotune savant is not only making some of the best rap music in the world--he's doing it an alarming rate, with two stellar EPs and his first #1 album dropping this year alone. And he's not done: This Labor Day weekend, at the tail end of his set at Philadelphia's Made In America festival, the man who drafted no Seahawks in his fantasy league announced a brand-new album. "We appreciate all the support," Future said to a roaring crowd. "Y'all been turning up for us. It's gon' be another album on the way before the year's out with. Just know. Just know we ain't stop for you." Stream video of the moment right here:

Future's debut album, 2012's Pluto, was a critical darling, but not a juggernaut at the cash register. Now beloved for how it bends Autotune and rolling hi-hats into a blues/R&B/trap hybrid, the LP had hits but was a little too weird for the rap masses. It opened at #8 on Billboard, moving 41,000 units in the process. Last April's Honest bettered that with 52,000 sold to nab the #2 spot, but represented a bit of a critical souring. However, his summer breakup with fiancee Ciara spurred Future on to his current superhuman run; October's Monster, executive produced by Metro Boomin, was a darker, angrier, more resounding Future. That mixtape birthed "Fuck Up Some Commas," which became a major hit and is included on Dirty Sprite 2 as a bonus track.