Nearly a decade into his mainstream career, Future's always been the captain of his own ship. His drive and dedication to his craft have kept him navigating the wheel as he sees fit. For the rapper's new XXL magazine cover story, he tries to captain a ship in real life, too.

Cruising across the waters of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, Calif. this past March, five days before the Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic, Future took lessons on how to drive a yacht aboard a 120-foot custom yacht named Harley G. Dressed in tan and black leather pants by Rhude, a tan Prada shirt, Gucci glasses and black Rick Owens sneakers, Hendrix peered down at the wheel as he soaked up game from Captain Brad Momsen, the rapper's instructor for the day.

Future grips a steering wheel as Captain Momsen let loose nautical terms in an attempt to bring the "Life Is Good" artist up to speed on the steps to guiding a ship. After gazing down for a bit to look up and down the controllers, Hendrix says it's always been a goal of his to buy a boat.

"How much is this boat?" Future asks. "Anywhere from $6 to $11 [million]," Momsen replies. This Harley G is actually worth $15 million.

Captaining a multimillion-dollar yacht is just the latest entry into what's been an exciting few years for the Atlanta rhymer. Since 2011, Hendrix has released codeine-drenched anthems that echo trauma and trap triumph as he's become a defining artist of the 2010s. Months removed from dropping his Drake-featured single "Life Is Good," a song that peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Future is soaking up the rewards of a nearly unmatched output stream and an iconic style.

His eighth studio album, Life Is Good, will arrive this year. With a powerful single that shares the title of the new LP at his back and a new project on the way, Hendrix is trying to continue to live up to the phrase.

Watch Future learn how to drive a yacht below.

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