Dame Dash has been on a tear recently, taking to Instagram to call out industry folks he describes as "culture vultures." Earlier in the week, Dash took a swing at Joie Manda and it struck a nerve with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex who calls Manda a friend. Last night, Flex, as only he can, took to the airwaves to respond to Dash and it provided for an entertaining story-telling segment.

Flex began the rant by big-upping Dame for the way he launched Roc-A-Fella, the instrumental role he played in Jay Z's career, and his early hustling days. As he digressed, he called out Dame for bringing race into the equation, his financial troubles, the supposed $11 million he owns Beanie Sigel and for never paying Curren$y the money he allegedly owed him for his involvement with DD172. Flex also claimed that Dash is "black-balled" from the music industry due to his antics and that he's a "sore winner."

Dash has been trying to have a conversation with Flex all week but it seems like Flex has no interest in speaking to him. Dame spoke with Combat Jack on The Combat Jack Show about the situation which can be heard below: