Murda Mook and Oun-P paid a visit to the Hot 97 studios recently, spitting some crazy bars. At one point though, Flex has to stop Oun, the potency of his punchlines too much to handle, Flex slipping into an irate state few can match, offering words for Bow, whom he recently traded shots with on social media, and Lil Yachty. Watch the full freestyle above, Flex losing his head around the 6:40 mark.

"Now listen that’s called motherfuckin’ bars, nigga," he says above. "You know nothing about that, you know why, cause you a mumble rapper Bow Wow. A mumble rapper. Lil Yachty, you don’t want nothing, too. Neither you niggas want nothing. Cause Murda Mook is standing right there. Put him on the fucking camera!" Mook can't help but laugh at the rant, Flex looking like he's about to burst a blood vessel in his neck he's so mad.

Earlier this week, Flex and Bow Wow exchanged insults on Twitter, Flex getting it started with, “FYI- Bowwow is Fucking finished out here! FACTS! His records is trash! Basura!” Bow Wow quickly replied with the Twitter poll, “Should @hot97 fire funk flex and hire NEW FRESH Hungry dj’s from NYC?” At one point, Shad posted an old advertisement of Flex for Lugz, with the caption, “NYC y’all approve of this? A fake screaming dj who blows kisses and wears lug boots #Firefunkflex.” Peep the shots they threw at each other below.

As for the shots at Yachty, he's beefed with Ebro and Hot in the past.

Funkmaster Flex and Bow Wow Beef on Social Media

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