If French Montana is looking to take up another hobby besides rapping, surfing isn't it.

TMZ recently caught the Jungle Rules rapper surfing in Sydney, Australia and it definitely made for an unforgettable experience. French's surfing session played out more like a bodyboard ride as the rapper couldn't get on top of his surfboard. And like any good surfboard fail, French's time in the water led to a wipe out where he was hit hard by a wave.

Regardless of the fail, it seemed like the rapper had a good time, as he could be seen smiling when leaving the water and stopped to give a nearby surfer a high five.

While French's trip down under appeared to be pleasant, the rapper recently found himself in the middle of controversy when a woman claimed she was assaulted at his birthday party. According to a report from TMZ, the woman called 911 from the party, claiming she had been drugged and assaulted.

"This guy keeps pushing me," the woman said during the 911 call. "At French Montana's house. They gave us drugs. They took our shoes and they kicked us out," she continued. "These guys tried to rape us. They literally kicked us out naked and they hit us."

Police eventually arrived to the scene but made no arrests after finding no evidence that supported the woman's claims. There was also no mention of the rapper being involved and he was not accused of anything.

Check out footage of French Montana trying to surf below.

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