French Montana went on his Twitter account Sunday (Jan. 13) to clarify his remarks to TMZ regarding R. Kelly and the recent allegations that have come into focus.

"Let me be clear. My heart is with the victims," he tweeted. "I never thought the people I looked up to as a kid, who sang and danced and gave me hope to become a superstar would become drug addicts, child molestors[sic] and rapists. I am hoping we as a culture create better leaders. We need them."

You can read French Montana's tweet below.


Since the premiere of Lifetime's exploratory Surviving R. Kelly docuseries a week-and-a-half ago, abuse allegations against R. Kelly have once again come into focus. While artists like Nick Cannon and Common have criticized the singer over the allegations, French Montana has a different opinion on the matter.

Speaking with TMZ as he was leaving the the L.A. Coliseum after watching the Rams play against the Dallas Cowboys, the "No Stylist" rapper said he thinks the veteran singer should be able to enjoy his own R&B legacy despite the various abuse allegations leveled against him.

"[People] don't let nobody have their legendary moments," French explained. “Let [R. Kelly] have his legacy. Let somebody enjoy their legacy,” he continued. “Whatever happened, happened. He fought in the court of law and won.”

French is referring to Kelly’s May 2008 trial after he was charged with 21 counts of child pornography.

During the trial, prosecutors called 14 witnesses who all testified that it was Sparkle’s niece in the infamous sex tape that involved graphic sex including urination. However, the niece, who allegedly appeared in the tape, as well as her parents, denied that she was the person in the video. On June 14, 2008, the jury came back with a not guilty verdict, which stunned everyone in the courtroom.

Elsewhere in the brief interview, the Bronx rhymer jokingly said Kelly warned listeners about the way he was on his 1993 song “Bump and Grind," citing the lyric,“My mind’s telling me no/But my body’s telling me yeah!” French then added that Kelly is being treated the same way Michael Jackson was treated when child abuse allegations were raised against him. “All the greats went down like that,” he stated.

Although French has a right to his opinion, this might not sit well with those who have opposing views.

Watch French Montana say that R. Kelly should be able to enjoy his own legacy below.

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