French Montana is catching some serious Internet heat after a Twitter exchange where he called a girl a "musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe," and referred to her hair as "nappy ass poetic justice braids." The interaction sparked outrage on social media, with many questioning the rapper's use of the offensive term "nappy," as the Bronx native is from Morocco.

While tons of users and fans chimed in on the ordeal, the New York artist called into The Breakfast Club this morning, where he gave his candid thoughts on the exchange, as well as the outrage coming from the web.

While he originally apologized on Twitter, explaining that his son is black and that he was born in Africa and lived there for 14 years, the black community didn't seem to care for his explanation. During the call, the former XXL Freshman further explained, "I'm not from the era where I can say something to you, you can't say nothing back. I don't really care about what the people gonna say."

Elaborating on the "nappy" comment, the MC stated, "I didn't say that [to every woman], I said that to her. I love my Queens, but I can't take it when somebody come at me then when I clap back...y ou know what I'm saying?" I'm not gonna let nobody say something to me and I don't say nothing back. I don't know why they turned it to like a racist thing. There's other things to worry about that's really racist out here. I'm just defending myself. You can't defend yourself out here no more?"

As far as his understanding of the term, he said, "I ain't know 'nappy' was a racist word. I didn't know if you called somebody... if you say 'they nappy' it's like you say 'they black.'"

Listen to his full explanation on The Breakfast Club below.

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