Days after his untimely death last Friday (Jan. 19), the rap world continues to mourn the loss of Chicago's own Fredo Santana. Now his father is speaking out in a series of heartbreaking Instagram posts documenting what he's experienced in the days following his son's tragic death.

After referring to the day his son died as the "worst day" of his life in one Instagram post, the rapper's father, who appears to go by the nickname, Big Shug, uploaded another detailing the pain he felt when he learned the news. "I don't know where to begin,I'm a father of 6,not the best father in the world but i have Always been there," begins Fredo's father.

He continues, "now Derrick was my second born named after my mentor my oldest brother,this is truly coming from my heart for I'm a lost for words.I wanna thank my wife for picking up of the floor cause I couldn't stand,I wanna thank my family for showing what we are about,next I would like thank my sons true friends in the industry for showing your support,& next I did not know the magnitude of souls & hearts my son had reached until today,I wanna thank all the fans,friends & family that I just couldn't reach personally,thank y'all for everything."

After using another Instagram post to thank those who supported him after Fredo's death, Big Shug shared another revealing he talked to God and asked if he could take the place of any of his six children when it was time to die.

"The strange thing is,in my last conversation with God I asked if any of my children was being called home before me & asked can I take their place,but it Doesn't work like that," he wrote in the caption. "This pain won't go away😢😢."

Fredo Santana was only 27 at the time of his death, and he'd struggled with a lean addiction for years beforehand. Last October, the Chief Keef affiliate was hospitalized for liver and kidney failure, two side affects that often accompany heavy lean use. He died of a seizure.

Read through the heartbreaking Instagram posts from Fredo's father below.

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