Foxy Brown recently resurfaced, taking shots at longtime rival Lil' Kim on the new track "Off the Muscle."

On the song, which popped up on YouTube [listen below], Foxy Brown makes an obvious reference to Kim’s appearance on the ABC series Dancing with the Stars last May. She raps, “Catch me at Marcy at the mall/ But muthafuckas will never see me dancing with the stars/ Never, will I embarrass my borough/ I’m too thorough/ Dark skin bitches, we here now/ I swear now/ Ya’ll bitches wanna be me so bad/ Ya’ll studied my whole swag.”

Although Foxy Brown and Kim haven’t taken shots at each other in a while it seems the tiff might be fueled by the fact that both femcees have reported that they’re working on new albums for next year.

Foxy Brown recently appeared on VH1’s Hip Hop Honors gala in celebration of Def Jam’s 25th Anniversary. -Brooklyne Gipson