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announced their engagement just two weeks ago, the couple is already going through the tabloid wringer. Donatella Panayiotou, a former
MTV host and current British television personality, alleges that she had a romantic relationship with Young that overlapped with Young and Azalea's. “Nick would lie and say, ‘We’re not together.’ He even claimed a photoshoot of them was just modeling,” Panayiotou says. Along with some shots at the former USC star's bedroom performance, the TV personality says that the last straw was actually when she found Azalea's hair clips in Young's bathroom.

The New Classic. However, that tour was pushed back, then
canceled altogether. (Azalea cited a "creative change of heart," though it has been widely speculated that the bill suffered from flagging ticket sales.) And that planned second album has hit a standstill, with the Australian rapper admitting she
scrapped six months' worth of work. Azalea was also forced to
cancel a planned performance at Pittsburgh's Pride week after protests from the city's LGBTQ community.