After details highlighting a brawl between 50 Cent and Ja Rule surfaced from Ja's new book, Unruly, questions loomed in regards to what really happened in that altercation. Former G-Unit affiliate Bang Em Smurf questioned Ja's depiction of the events and went on to call him a sucker in his interview with Mikey T The Movie Star.

“Ja was getting all hyped and out of control,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “50 is like a calm nigga. He ain’t really the type of nigga to argue face-to-face. So, he punched the nigga in the eye. And whatever happened after that happened. I know he came home—He wasn’t injured. I know Ja had a black eye cause he couldn’t do interviews or none of that…How you beat a nigga up you got a black eye and you got your chain took? Then the nigga 50 walked off…I even wore the nigga’s chain.”

Bang Em Smurf would then compare Ja Rule's situation to Prodigy and refer to both rappers as suckers for using their books to incriminate other people.

“He doing the same shit Prodigy did. You know Prodigy did a lot of fuck ass shit,” he said. “Incriminated niggas and all kind of shit in his book. You know what I mean? Like this is what sucka niggas do. Sucka niggas write books and try to incriminate niggas for money. I don’t respect Prodigy neither…A lot of these rap niggas writing books telling on niggas. All kinds of homo shit going on in this rap shit right now.”

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