The South has always had talented rappers to spare, no matter the generation. Palm Beach, Fla. product Flippa (formerly known as Skippa Da Flippa) is under the umbrella, with his dexterous flows being just as sharp as his clever lyrics. He keeps that momentum going in his latest video for his Up to Something cut "California," premiering exclusively on XXL.

The DoubleAJ-directed video is visually pleasing, with great shots of the state and a high-dollar home. According to Skippa himself, he was more than happy to shoot the video on location: "The vibe is amazing in California and that’s been my favorite place to visit."

The visual opens with views of the inside and outside of a mansion, then Flippa enters the scene, smoking on a couch. There's also a girl on the scene and plenty of racks. The rapper spends most of the video flexing on the balcony and in the game room. Cali seems more than worth the trip.

On the song, Skippa uses his unique style to rap about just how good he's living. "You gotta smoke cookie when you're in The Bay/I got a big castle back home in the A/Good Cali living I'm here to stay," he spits, showing off all of the places he's touched down in. "I been through it all told my mama we gon' win it all/Good support can't fall."

Skippa isn't taking any breaks; expect more music on the horizon. His next project is Still Havin 2 (a term he's long been known for) and he plans to continue expanding his label Havin Entertainment with more talent. Keep an eye out, you never know who he may find. Considering he moved on from Quality Control and set out on his own, you can't count him out.

Watch Flippa's "California" video below.

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