In November, it was announced that Flavor Flav was set to host a Las Vegas variety show. While the show is still in the works, the Public Enemy member is now turning to Kickstarter to raise funds.

Looking to raise $150,000, Flavor Flav is using the crowdfunding platform for a few reasons. "The first is that we really want to move quickly without waiting for all the approvals and censors that come with traditional shows, and offer music at the same time because you can't have TV without music," he said.

The eccentric rapper also said he wants to use Kickstarter as a way to collaborate with his fans. "It's not often we get direct fan input while we are creating," he stated. "Since my show is for the people, I have to make sure I have the people involved and by doing a Kickstarter everyone can be part of the journey by supporting my Kickstarter."

According to the campaign page, the funds will be split in four different ways: 10 percent to additional production costs, 17.5 percent to production rentals, 22.5 percent to production staff and 50 percent to soundtrack production.

Like any Kickstarter campaign, Flavor Flav's will reward anyone who donates, ranging from $5 to to $10,000 donations. Rewards include a social media thank you for a $5 donation, Flavor Flav t-shirts for a $30 donation or appearing in a Flavor Flav's Vegas skit for a $7,500 donation.

Flavor Flav's Vegas is set to film a 30-minute pilot in April 2018, while the soundtrack is scheduled for May 2018.

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