Flavor Flav has been planning to launch a Las Vegas variety show for a few months now, but a recent trip to Sin City featured the kind of hits you wouldn't see during the usual show.

According to TMZ, the 58-year-old Public Enemy member was attacked at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas on Tuesday (Jan. 23). Police say the suspect, Ugandi Howard, accused Flav of disrespecting his mother and then started attacking the rapper. Video footage of the incident can be viewed below.

Flavor Flav says the man punched him in the face and then began kicking him while he was on the ground. According to Flav, the only reason he went down to the ground was because he pulled a groin muscle.

Casino security took Howard into custody and when officers arrived, he was cited for battery and released. The entire incident was also captured on surveillance video and shows Howard was the first one to throw a punch.

In December, Flavor Flav launched a Kickstarter to fund his Las Vegas variety show. Looking to raise $150,000, Flav turned to the crowdfunding platform for a few reasons. "The first is that we really want to move quickly without waiting for all the approvals and censors that come with traditional shows, and offer music at the same time because you can't have TV without music," he said.

Flavor Flav's Vegas is set to film a 30-minute pilot in April 2018, while the soundtrack is scheduled for May 2018.

Watch video of Flavor Flav being attacked below.

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