Finesse2tymes's brother FNG NoLove has accused the rapper of having him jumped and Finesse has responded to his sibling's claims.

Finesse2tymes' Brother Claims Finesse Ordered His Assault

On Thursday (Dec. 7), Finesse2tymes' brother NoLove went live on Instagram with a sizable knot on his head. In the video, which can be seen below, he recounts being jumped by multiple men at the orders of his rapper relative.

"I'ma get straight to it," NoLove began. "Me and bruh had some words, some disagreement. I'll let that be known later. And I'ma upload the footage of what just happened. As you can see, I got a knot on my head."

"My own muthaf**kin brother," he continued. "That man let his own n***as jump me. What n***a you know let his own n***as jump [his brother]? That s**t ain't straight."

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Finesse2Tymes Responds to Brother's Claims

On Friday (Dec. 8), Finesse2tymes responded to his brother's claims. In an Instagram Live video, the "Back End" rhymer told his side of the story. According to him, the dispute started because Finesse did not get NoLove a hotel room during a recent trip to Miami.

"That's what he mad for. He want to lay up and f**k. I'm handling business," Finesse said around the 18 minute-mark of the video below. "I'm down here strictly business...It make it to me that this n***a done bogarted somebody's room."

Finesse said he then had a meeting with his team to discuss the incident when things got tense between him and his brother. Finesse told his security to remove his brother, which led to an altercation and one of the men punching NoLove.

"I tried to remove him without physical force, bruh," Finesse said of the incident.

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See Finesse2tymes' brother accusing the rapper of having him jumped and Finesse's response below.

Watch Finesse2tymes' Brother Accuse the Rapper of Having Him Jumped

Watch Finesse2tymes Respond to His Brother's Claims

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