Beef is brewing between DJ Akademiks and Finesse2tymes, with Ak offering $20,000 to anyone the rapper snitched on to come on Ak's livestream.

DJ Akademiks Goes Off on Finesse2Tymes

On Monday (Jan. 29), video surfaced of DJ Akademiks going off on Finesse2tymes via livestream. In the video clip, which can be seen below, Ak taunts the Memphis rapper by threatening to expose Finesse following snitching allegations.

"The n***a who Finesse2tymes snitched on twice, you come up here," Ak yells in the video. "I got $10,000 for you, twice, two times, after you tell me the two times he done told you on you two times."

"N***a, you got two dusty fat obese b****es, claiming you some type of pimp in a poly," Ak continues. They got kankles, n***a. The n***a dropped a song and got 172,000 view in 20 hours. That s**t not even trending. This s**t not trending in your city. The s**t not trending in your household. Your b****es don't even got in on their playlist."

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The Origin of Akademiks and Finesse2tymes' Beef

On Monday, Finesse2tymes released the video for the new single "Click Bait," which finds him taking shots and multiple blogs and influencers.

"Tell The Shade Room this/Tell Say Cheese that/Tell 1090 Jake he a b***h, I'll put 100 on Wack," Finesse rhymes. "Mob calls but I told you I was a don/I'm really one of them ones/Hold up, Akademiks you a bum."

Among the people Finesse took shots at is 1090 Jake, a social media personality who makes it his business to expose rappers who snitched. Jake previously reported Finesse took the stand in his 2017 firearms case.

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See video of Finesse2tymes offering $20,000 to the person Finesse2tymes allegedly snitched on and see Finesse's "Click Bait" video below.

Watch DJ Akademiks Going Off on FInesse2Tymes

Watch Finesse2tymes' "Click Bait" Video

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