Christmas isn't until December but Fetty Wap is putting on his Santa hat three months early by giving out some big bucks to unsuspecting kids in New Jersey.

After taking care of business at his attorney's office in Hackensack, N.J. on Friday (Sept. 1), the rapper decided to share some of his wealth and give kids in the neighborhood the gift of cash.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Fetty can be seen passing out several bills to kids on the sidewalk. One lucky young man expresses his appreciation with a "Thank you, Fetty." He reportedly asked the kids if they were in school and if they said, "Yes," Fetty would give them $100 or more. While it's unclear how much money he decided to gift to the kids in total, one lucky student apparently received $400 from the "Trap Queen" rhymer.

Money didn't seem to be an issue for Fetty Wap on this day, but he recently experienced a $250,000 loss. Last month, Fetty accused former assistant Shawna Morgan of stealing a quarter of a million dollars from him as a result of acting as his booking agent and manager, for which she would receive a monetary cut of his shows. She's also being accused of adding fees on top for booking and keeping the cash.

Morgan denies the claims and says she's owed $250,000 for covering expenses on tour such as hotels. She admits she took 10 percent of bookings but did not steal from Fetty because that is the industry standard fee.

On the music front, Fetty Wap was busy in August dropping new music. "There She Go," featuring Monty and produced by Peoples and Shy Boogs, finds the New Jersey native slowing things down a bit to deliver an ode for the ladies. He also joined forces with DJ Envy and DJ Sliink for the banger "Text Ur Number."

Watch Fetty Wap make a couple New Jersey kids' day in the video below.

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