Father is continuing to make major strides with his rap career, and we're finally getting a new set of visuals to further dive into his creative vision. The "Rolling Dice" ATLien releases a new colorful music video for his "Hands" record, which he originally dropped for fans back in February.

The new set of visuals, which were produced by meltycanon, see Father riding around with a unique entourage while he puts hands on nearly everyone he sees. The Southern creative and his friends hijack multiple cars as they pass by on their skateboards and bikes while scenes of Father performing for a packed crowd of fans flashes throughout. As he walks through a local park in his neighborhood, Father puts paws on some random bystanders, which matches up with the theme of the self-produced track.

"If you a bitch ass nigga go on 'head call 12/We got them .45's, them .38's, and some shotgun shells/And if you see me, you better shoot to kill/'Cause I would rather go to hell than to go to jail," Father spits on the upbeat record.

Fans are anticipating some new music from Father soon, as his last project was his I'm A Piece of Shit album that released in March of last year. He later went on an accompanying tour for the project, and his supporters are hoping he'll be on the road again soon.

Watch the new set of visuals from Father for his "Hands" track below.

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