Fat Joe has seen it all and been through it all, in the streets and the industry, and he's willing to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. Back in February, he sat down with 6ix9ine on his Coca Vision Podcast and tried to drop some jewels on the erratic "Gummo" spitta. Clearly, 6ix didn't take heed as he was arrested in November and is currently facing up to life in prison on federal weapons and racketeering charges. Joey Crack says he envisioned a negative outcome for Tekashi after seeing the way he was operating.

On Friday (Jan. 18), Joe sat down with Luc Belaire CEO Brett Berish on his web series Self Made Tastes Better. Among talking about his history and bossing up, the Bronx rapper was asked about his interactions with 6ix9ine around the 17-minute mark.

“For the kid I just saw that this was going nowhere good, so I tried to tell him all the ways I fucked up money. Just giving him every pitfall,” Joe recalled.

“From that interview, I think the kid is really, really smart, and then a week later I see him on TMZ fighting at the airport," he continued. "I am like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ Because, what I took out of that interview, is this kid is very smart."

The "Lean Back" rapper said 6ix tried to follow a similar bad guy role formula as 50 Cent, but it didn't end up working out the same way.

"The problem is, it's a tricky life, the game he's playing," Joe added. "He figured something out. You can say what you want to say about him. He's on fire...The only problem is he’s dealing with a gang life. And it's a real life and it’s real violence involved.”

Tekashi has plead not guilty and is currently awaiting trial, which has been set for Sept. 4.

See Fat Joe's interview on Self Made Tastes Better below.

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