After breaking news that he had officially signed to Nas’ label Mass Appeal, Fashawn is sharing how the rapper has impacted his life.

The California rapper recently revealed that he had become disheartened, that was until Nas came knocking with a record deal. “Before this whole Nas thing happened, I was really discouraged with rap,” Fash told VladTV. “I was not excited about the future of hip-hop. I was doing other things. But, getting the call from Nas just lit the fire again. Really just got me ready to kill everything in my path.”

The 2010 XXL Freshman plans to drop his next LP, The Ecology on September 30. Though he did not reveal what direction he plan to take with the album, he did share four things he won’t be addressing. “This is what I want to tell rappers to do.I want to tell them to stop rapping about four things: money, weed, bitches and clothes,” Fash said. “Stop rapping about that and really go inside. Really talk to society. Not just talk about society but talk to them.”