There's no question that Kodak Black has extremely dedicated and enthusiastic fans, but some take their hype for the rapper to the extreme. During the Project Baby 2 MC's recent concert in Connecticut, a fan was seen climbing a tall scaffold inside of the venue, which led to the entire show coming to a halt.

According to TMZ, the male fan climbed up the scaffold about an hour into the concert at College Street Music Hall for his tour, leading to the venue staff shutting off the music in order to take care of the situation. The fan's actions then led a member of Black's crew to try and climb the scaffold to go after him at the top of the platform, but security forced him down.

In video footage taken by members of the audience, fans in the crowd can be heard yelling at the fan to climb down, being that it completely stopped Kodak's entire set. The Florida rapper's squad even attempts to throw water bottles at the fan on the platform in order to encourage him to come back down.

Eventually the man climbs down and attempts to escape through the back door, but authorities were able to detain him. He has been arrested for breach of peace, where he was given a summons and told to stay out of the venue.

See the footage of the fan climbing the scaffold to stop the concert in the video below.

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