Tonight was the Brooklyn edition of this year's Fool's Gold Day Off festival, with Meek Mill as the headliner at the Williamsburg event. And while there was plenty of speculation about whether or not Nicki Minaj would come out and perform with Meek, as she did over the weekend at Made In America Festival, Meek provided plenty of highlights of his own.

But a member of the crowd decided to prod at Meek's recent beef with Drake and held up a Drake sign in the crowd, which provoked a pretty strong response from Meek. "Put that Drake sign up again, nigga," Meek said in between songs after calling out the fan following his opening track. "Fuck you talkin' 'bout you fuckin' clown. Don't ever come in here and fuckin' play on no Meek Milly tryna pick on me like I'm a fuckin' dweeb or somethin'."

Drake and Meek Mill have been going back and forth for a while now; check out our timeline of their beef right here.

Social media captured video of part of the exchange below.